Renting a Studio Apartment Has Advantages—Particularly for Denver Residents

If you’re new to Denver or moving within the city, you’re likely considering a vast range of living options. Maybe you’re searching for roommates on Craigslist, or perhaps you’re trying to finagle a way to afford living in your favorite neighborhood. If you’re looking to save money, retain your personal space, and live in a great neighborhood, a studio apartment may be the way to go. See below for the evidence that studios are a perfect fit for Denver residents.


  • It will provide an excuse to get out and explore. Denver residents are always outside—and we mean As a result, the size and space available in your home might not matter as much as in, say, Chicago or L.A. You’ll be spending weekends on the trail or out with friends. Studio apartments provide just enough space to comfortably lounge, but after a few days, you might be more compelled to leave your safe space. To that end, if you’re more of a homebody and want to branch out of your comfort zone, a studio apartment will provide the push you need to get outside.
  • Having your own space is important. While living in Denver, it can feel as though groups of friends and coworkers stick together more often than not. Maybe it’s a result of needing multiple people to safely hike or climb. Maybe it’s just that Denver’s nightlife and food scenes are too good to experience alone. Regardless, you’ll find yourself longing for a bit more privacy after a weekend spent backcountry exploring with a group of friends. Having a studio apartment is the best way to guarantee privacy while saving money. Sure, you could probably save a few bucks every month to split a two- or three-bedroom with friends, but having people around while at home can begin to feel claustrophobic.
  • You’ll have better-quality finishes. Studio apartments allow tenants to get the most bang for their buck. For the less money than one might spend on a one-bedroom apartment, you can get a similar amount of space and nicer finishes. This means better kitchen appliances, a nicer bathroom, and small details, such as faucets, lighting fixtures, and amenities. You’ll be able to live luxuriously without breaking the bank—something important for a relatively expensive city.


You’ll be able to live in your favorite neighborhood. A neighborhood can make or break your Denver living experience. If you’re in the wrong place for your interests, you might not experience the city to its fullest potential. Unfortunately, some of Denver’s neighborhoods can be quite pricey. Renting a studio apartment is a great way to live in your favorite part of the city without blowing your budget. Plus, you’ll spend too much time having fun in the neighborhood to notice the smallness of your living space.