Moving into a New Place? Have These Resources Handy

Most of us grew up with a list of important phone numbers taped to the refrigerator. A lot of people still keep important resources in a visible place. But with people moving more now than ever before, some of us forget to update these lists. Figuring out the important places close to your new space – things like emergency rooms, grocery stores, and post offices – takes a lot of time. Moving, whether to a new city, neighborhood, or street, requires a lot of learning.

If you’ve recently moved to a new spot in Denver, it’s important to compile your list of resources soon after you move in. Keep information on these important places somewhere obvious, like on the refrigerator or in a specific cabinet. You never know when you’ll need to access them.

  1. Emergency services. 9-1-1 is easy to remember, but what about Streets and Sanitation? Or Animal Control? You never know when you’ll need to call somebody about a rogue bear or racoon, so keeping these phone numbers on hand can help when you’re not sure what to do.
  2. The closest hospital. This is a top priority for a few reasons. If you experience a medical emergency, you don’t want to spend time Googling the nearest hospital before calling an Uber. Instead, you should have a good idea of where it is, how far away it is, and the services they offer, like an emergency room. If you’re moving to Denver from a different city or state, consider your nearest hospital when looking for a new primary care provider.

  3. The closest urgent care center. Not all medical emergencies require a visit to the hospital. When something happens that doesn’t quite rise to the level of needing the emergency room, your nearby urgent care center is an essential resource. This is a great place to visit for things like sprains, strains, stitches, flu-like symptoms, and fever, among others. Many urgent care centers also have family practices and specialized services, so consider these locations when searching for medical providers.

  4. The closest grocery store. Knowing the nearest grocery store is great for everyday grocery runs and last-minute ingredient pick-ups. This is an especially important detail for folks who don’t drive. If you do all your grocery runs on foot, you’ll want to figure out the easiest route to the local store. You don’t necessarily need to keep their phone number on their refrigerator, but this is an important detail for people who have recently moved.
  5. The closest gas station. If you drive a car, as many in the Denver area do, it is crucial to know the nearest gas station – as well as which gas stations in the area have the lowest prices. If you like to drive your car all the way down to the E, having something close by is important for when you need to fill up without driving too far.