Average Rent Prices for Denver Apartments

A specific number may be good for grabbing eyeballs, but like so many statistics, no single data point tells the whole story. And that single data point is vulnerable to all kinds of permutations. There are a number of different methods for collecting and calculating average rents. Do you use the average cost per community or per unit? Do you use the average for all units and their current rents, or just the ones that are available to rent right now? Do you lump all the 1-6 bedroom units together? Do you try to break it down by average rent cost per square foot, like home prices sometimes are? Do you include apartments that are still under construction? What about the ones that are under construction and available to rent 3, 6, or even 12 months down the road? Are we talking about apartments within the city limits or the entire metro area?

We’re not saying the published statistics on average rent prices for Denver apartments are worthless or inherently skewed. Not at all. We recommend this type of research as a cornerstone of searching for an apartment in Denver. Just keep these statistics in perspective and don’t put too much weight in any single number or source.


Average Rents and Online Sources

To this end, we’ve gathered a handful of popular online sources for average rent prices in Denver. As you’ll see, the numbers are a little different, but in the same ballpark. There are also different charts and points for comparison. Wondering how the average rent in Denver compares to the rent in San Francisco, Dallas, or Las Vegas? Not a problem. Wondering how the average rent in Cherry Creek compares to Five Points compares to Stapleton compares to Sunnyside? You can readily find this information, too.

On the other hand, these neighborhood figures are every bit as pliable as the citywide averages. This is another reason we recommend you check out a couple different sources to get a fuller perspective on what’s out there and available.

Hopefully, this collection of sources can give you the necessary perspective to know what to expect from higher-end as well as more affordable apartments in Denver. Armed with this knowledge and a few other tips along the way, you can confidently search for and seek out the perfect apartment for you and your household.